Carpet hot water extraction in Brisbane


Damage due to flood water or a plumbing error leading to pipe bursts is capable of bringing in more problems. Growth of mould, bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms can occur from breathing air filled with these impurities. So, carpets and flooring has to get damaged whether it is your toilet, washing machine, dishwasher, or roof that has leaked. Our hot water extraction carpet cleaning service will do the trick for you! Also known as carpet steam cleaning, the carpet hot water extraction is important to curb the growth of mould and prevent the bacteria from spreading. Our team of qualified technicians and cleaners have the expertise to remove any type of stain irrespective of old or new with the same impeccable results.

Benefits of Hot Water Extraction Brisbane

1. Deeper Cleaning

Hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning is recommended by carpet manufacturers as well as carpet cleaning. Because it is capable of deep cleaning the carpets on a thorough level. Majority of the carpet cleaning methods do not go into depths of the fabric and only clean on a surface level. So even if the carpet looks clean to you, it is unfortunately not.

2. Removes smells attached to the carpet.

Carpet hot water extraction has different benefits apart from deep cleaning the carpets. It is also highly useful in removing smells and odours that get attached to the carpets by way of cigarette smoke, pet urine stains, wine and coffee stains, and vomit odour.

3. Unclean carpets will be detrimental to the longevity.

Unclean carpets also harm the longevity and lifespan of the carpet. Hence     carpets should be cleaned from time-to-time.

4. Eco Friendly methods

Hot water extraction makes use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents. This method rinses and cleanses the carpets of allergens, mould and mildew and germs without posing any health risks to the people living in that property.

5. Has speedy drying mechanisms.

Carpets washed by way of hot water extraction carpet cleaning can get dried completely within 2 to 4 hours of wash. The amount of water used is less and high-pressure vacuum cleaners facilitate speedy drying of the carpet. The growth of mould and mildew is eliminated automatically because the amount of water used is less.

6. Most effective carpet cleaning method

Carpet hot water extraction is by far the most effective method for carpet cleaning. It eliminates any stains with quick efficiency. This method can remove stubborn stains left by spillage of oily food, carbonated drinks, makeup, wine, blood, coffee etc.

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Why Choose Flair Carpet Cleaning Brisbane?

We provide customised service.

Our technicians are fully trained, reliable, friendly & honest.

We have proper certifications.

Our support staff provides express booking & advice as to what services are the most suitable for your carpets.

We work 7 Days a week and hence provide better service.

The Process followed for hot water extraction carpet cleaning.

1. In the initial step, our technicians perform dry vacuuming to remove any loose particles of dust in the carpet. Our industrial vacuum cleaners remove approximately 75 to 80% of the dirt present in your carpet.

2. A pre-spray shampoo is applied on the carpet and kept on for over 20 minutes to ensure the majority of the dirt is taken out with it.

3. A motorised rotary brush machine is then used for taking out stubborn stains.

4. An emulsifier solution mixed with hot water is then injected into the carpet. Vacuuming is done at the same time for taking out residual dirt and moisture.

5. A sanitizing deodorant is sprayed on the carpet for destroying any microbes or bacterial growth while also leaving a fresh and pleasant smell on the carpet.


For carpet hot water extraction services contact us for a express booking today! With many satisfied customers, Flair Carpet Cleaning excels in ranking among the best hot water extraction carpet cleaners in Australia. All our services are priced at competitive costs. Our expert team of professionals guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Our team possesses commendable years of experience in dealing with all kinds of damaged carpets and their restoration. We ensure all our damage restoration services are executed in line with industry standards. Feel free to call us on +61480017082 to avail our carpet repair services without any hassles. Get a express booking!


1. Do your technicians clear the furniture before starting the cleaning or do we have to do that before their arrival?

Our technicians will move the furniture if required.

2. Does your company help with insurance claims?

Yes, we do help our customers with it.

3. Are your charges extra on weekends?

No, our charges for weekdays and weekends are the same.

4. How much is the time taken for the damaged carpet to get restored after it has been water damaged?

It takes anywhere between 3-5 days.

5. Are the products you use for hot water extraction safe?

The products that we use are eco-friendly and do not pose any danger to your pets and kids.

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